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What You Should Know About Subdivision Mowing In Jacksonville

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3 min readMay 28, 2020


So, you Googled “subdivision mowing In Jacksonville” and found a selection of commercial mowers operating in your area. But three out of four of them have great reviews and you’re suddenly realizing you don’t know enough about mowing to know which one you should choose.

Don’t worry. Consider our breakdown of the three most important questions to ask your commercial tractor mowing service before bringing them in to maintain your subdivision.

What Does Your Commercial Tractor Mowing Include?

Contrary to its name, tractor mowing is about more than just bringing a tractor out to a subdivision and starting the engine. There’s cleanup, removal, working with and around onsite tree stumps, and all sorts of lawn maintenance services to factor in. And, depending on where you go, any of these “extra” services may come packaged with tractor mowing.

Regardless of what’s on offer, it’s important to know what services you have to choose from before you hire a lawn mowing service. Ask for details during your initial phone call and make sure you’re getting the services you need to get the results you want.

Should You Try To Maintain Your Own Subdivision?

Depending on who you are, it’s certainly within the realm of possibility. It’s not easy, though, with several things that may go wrong and several things you’ll want to keep in mind before you start.

First off, even if you’re physically up for it, and have the tractor to do it, having to go in and mow your subdivision often enough to make it worth it is a tall order. It means regularly taking time out of your schedule to drive down with a tractor in a trailer and spend an afternoon with your hands in the tall grass.

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