The Secrets of the Millionaire Mind: 25 Teachings to Create Wealth

The book The Secrets of the Millionaire Mind is one of those obligatory readings if your goal is to learn how to be a millionaire. Why should you read it? Financial independence is the result of your knowledge of how to invest your money and how you behave towards your personal finances. And this book seeks to train you when it comes to relating to money, and to have the right mentality to attract abundance to your life.

After reading The Secrets of the Millionaire Mind we set ourselves the task of finding the 45 most important teachings that you can apply, through a practical guide, in your life. From attitudes such as understanding the importance of money, to what to do with your income and how to invest your money, the teachings of the book The Secrets of the Millionaire Mind group everything you need to change your lifestyle and create wealth.

1. Do not complain, blame or justify yourself

You are responsible for what happens in your life.

So, every time you are complaining about something that happened, blaming someone for your reality or justifying the life you are leading, realize that you are accepting that you are able to control your life, and that you are simply someone who gets carried away where others want you to go.

2. Write each day something that went well and something that went wrong

Ask yourself, what did you do to make this situation happen, and how responsible are you for this? This little daily exercise will keep you aware that you are the one who controls what happens in your life, not others, not the moment, not the situation … you.

3. Do you have economic goals?

Encourage yourself to write 5 objectives related to your economic future that reflect your desire and convection to achieve wealth, not comfort or economic stability. Go further and focus on abundance. While these goals must be realistic and within a certain period of time, you should look beyond something easy to achieve.

4. Forget about the menu prices once

Visit a restaurant, café or place that is exclusive and ask for what you want, not what your pocket considers. You must have wealth mentality to reach it, otherwise you will stay where you are today, wanting but not arriving.

5. According to the Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, wealth must be important to you

In a concrete way, write down why wealth is important to you, and the reason why you want to achieve it.

6. Commit yourself to being rich

Declare that you want to be rich and commit to achieve it by writing:

I, _________, commit myself to reach wealth and be a millionaire before__________.

Sign it and stick it on your wall, or hand it to a friend or relative who reminds you of it. After doing this, analyze how you feel … afraid? with freedom? or just will not you? You can not do it, like, you’ll stay where you are today.

7. Identify what your talents are

We are all born with talents that differentiate us and allow us to stand out among all others. Which ones are yours? Write them and think how you can use them in greater quantity in your life, in what environment and place.

8. Impacts more people

In all safety, your work involves solving a problem, generating alternatives or presenting opportunities. Somehow or other you influence someone else with what you do. Keeping this in mind, think about how you can solve this problem for 10, 20, 30 more people, think about different strategies and alternatives.

9. Execute, execute and execute

The time has come to execute that project, business idea or situation to which you have wanted to give life for so long. Regardless of the reason or excuses you have had in the past, the circumstance in which you find yourself, or whatever you are imagining … start now. Execute it and make it come true, your reality.

10. Be an optimist

Everything that happens in your life can be an opportunity and not an obstacle; It’s a matter of how you look at it, of seeing the glass half full or half empty. Of course, the abundance does not admit half empty glasses and pessimistic mentalities.

11. Focus on what you have

Focus on everything you have, and not on what you lack. Write 15 things that you have and with which you feel grateful, every morning that you get up, read them and understand that if you do not appreciate what you have, you will never have anything else.

12. Admire what you want

Instead of criticizing and judging those people who have money, beautiful homes, luxury cars and other possessions, admire them and bless them.

In other words, admire those successful people and full of wealth, there is a simple reason to do it: you will not get what you criticize, you will achieve everything you admire and seek.

13. Write a letter to someone you admire

Take the time to write a letter to someone you admire; You do not have to know him, just write him why you admire him and how you appreciate his achievements.

14. Get inspired with a book

There are books about people who were extremely successful and who can inspire you. Biographies such as that of Steve Jobs and other characters can teach you the strategies and above all, the perspective of wealth, which led to the level of success achieved, or have reached.

15. Enter a club

Surround yourself with successful people, that is the intention to join a tennis club, business, golf, coffee, whatever. If you can not pay your membership visit an exclusive place in your city, ask for something, and analyze how these people behave, you will understand that they have nothing different from you.

16. Out with the negative

That negative person that you have next to you must move her away, the only thing she is doing is to deviate from your goal and desire for wealth; If it is a family member of yours, however difficult it may be, you must leave your company. The same happens with that place or situation that only brings you negative thoughts and ideas. Get away.

17. Break the relationship with your TV

The relationship that you are taking with the television is not healthy, and you should know that, that amount of hours that you invest in it daily is moving away from your abundance objectives.

18. Evaluate your products or services

What score do you deserve the product or service you are selling or are you about to sell? If you consider that you have a low rating, you should stop offering it immediately; There is no reason to be selling something you do not believe in. This is one of the most important keys to create profitable and successful businesses.

19. Sales expert

Look for books, hear experts, attend sales courses and talks in order to learn to sell. There is no wealth without the ability to sell and market; You must learn to sell your skills, abilities, experiences and techniques. You must learn to sell yourself.

20. The size of your problems depends on your mind

The situations you face in your life are neither big nor small, they are not impossible or simple … they are simply situations analyzed from a certain point of view. If you are pessimistic, all your problems will be immense and impossible to solve, if you do not consider that you are prepared to face it, every situation will be an ordeal.

21. Solve a problem

Think about that difficult moment you are going through, now write it on a paper next to 10 concrete and immediate actions that you will implement to solve it. This little exercise will make you focus on the solution and not on the problem, and it will surely help you to end it.

22. Learn to receive

From now on, every time you receive a compliment, I simply gave thanks; Learn to practice receiving attitudes and behaviors. Many times when they say something positive, you usually respond by saying another compliment to the person who told you.

23. Charge for your results, not for your time

If you are currently earning a fortnightly or monthly salary for going to your work at certain times, suggest to your boss or company that they allow you to receive part of your salary based on your results or productivity. If your case is that you have a business, generate a strategy where your employees, partners and suppliers earn based on the result of sales.

24. Invest in your retirement

In the book The Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, the author suggests that you open a bank account where you will deposit 10% of your salary and the rest of your income each month. You must promise never to spend this money, you will only invest it looking for income and income for your retirement.

25. Do not settle for your current situation

Each day is an opportunity to get closer to your financial goals. It’s not just about reading The Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, it’s about building a lifestyle where every day you look to improve on the previous day.

Wealth, money and everything you have is a product of the thoughts you have in your mind, of the conversation you have daily with yourself.

Change your perspective and be sure that you are bigger than any problem.

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