Men! What To Look For When Shopping For Jewelry Online!

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5 min readNov 3, 2020

It may be a cliche, by this point but, year after year, online jewelry stores are home to one very specific kind of shopper at Christmas time: the clueless guy shopping for jewelry for his girlfriend.

Maybe it’s because most of us don’t buy jewelry for ourselves. Maybe it’s that we really are that dumb when it comes to women’s fashion. Whatever the case may be, the men in these women’s lives never seem to fail at being completely lost in the jewelry checkout aisle.

“How do I know which color of bracelet to get?”

“What does good quality look like?”

Join us, today, as we break down the most important factors to consider when you go shopping for jewelry online, this holiday season.

Shopping Online for Jewelry


Some of the saddest stories in the history of modern relationships started with a gift that turned out to be trash. You could have the best of intentions (most of us do when we go shopping for gifts) and still trip at the starting line if you forget one thing: if it’s garbage, she’ll find out.

You’re not smarter than her, my friends. Maybe it’s made out of recycled Bic lighters and gold spraypaint but it looks just like the real deal. Maybe the difference is more subtle than that. The point is, if you don’t shop for quality materials in your jewelry, they will degrade, warp, and buckle over a lifetime of use. And she will find out.

Now, obviously not every person is operating with a huge budget. We’re shopping online for a reason, after all. We want good deals. Great deals. This makes it all the more important to do your research. Because it’s actually easier than you might expect to find competitive prices on high-quality accessories if you spend some time looking at your options.

No repurposed materials. Real gold. No promises of anything that couldn’t possibly be true. Something like a description of a 24 carat stone in a ring or bracelet for the “low-low price” of $50. Some of this may need to be sussed out using basic logic, but you can spot the warning signs easily enough if you look out for them.

Range of Options