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Gary Vela Web Daytona Founder & CEO, Forbes Agency Council

Gary Vela, born September 7th, 1982 is a Peruvian-American entrepreneur and Internet marketing specialist. Raised in the jungles of Peru, Vela emigrated to the United States at the young age of 17, and is best known as a web developer, digital marketer, and founder of leading Florida Digital Marketing Agency, Web Daytona.

Vela was born in Pucallpa, Peru to a single mother, where he discovered his love of business at an early age.

Raised in the Ucayali River region city, the young Vela began buying and selling as a child, picking and selling mangoes in nearby cities. He would collect and sell insects to American tourists visiting his city, bringing home an income through his savvy business work.

In 1999, Vela successfully emigrated to the United States. Still a native Spanish speaker at this point, he immediately started a two-year process of learning and perfecting English to be able to do better business.

Following that, Vela began pursuing a software engineering career. From there, Vela moved on to freelancing while earning a four-year Bachelor’s in business management, becoming the first hispanic graduate from Daytona State College Bachelor’s program in Business Management.

Today, Gary Vela has cemented his place in the Daytona Beach business community through his work with Web Daytona. A determined businessman, it’s his dedication to networking and customer service that sets him apart in an ever-evolving field. With his team of industry professionals and a keen eye for digital marketing trends, Gary Vela is digital marketing.

No matter the platform or latest technology, however, it’s his plain determination to help his clients achieve that makes Gary Vela an industry leader.

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