Differences Between Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

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What kind of content is better for each?

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How many active monthly users does Facebook have?

Facebook is the social network with the most active users in a month of the world with nearly 2.32 billion, far from the second social network.

Facebook as well as people, admits the presence of companies and organizations, however the objective of their presence in the social network is focused on a communication with users and followers.

Facebook is a network that allows people to be in contact with their family and friends, which makes the communication tone of companies is desirable that is emotional and close.

In Facebook a company seeks to bring its brands to the audience, build loyalty, help their customers and, through promotional campaigns create traffic to the official website, to achieve a conversion (purchase or purchase of the service).


How many active monthly users does Instagram have?

Instagram account with more than 1 billion active users in a month.

On Instagram, images are especially important. Its origin was as an application of smartphones (smartphones), which caused that its use worldwide has become very popular the phenomenon of selfies (digital self-portraits).

Instagram is aimed at photographs taken at a specific moment and shared through the social network and preferably with quadrangular dimensions.

Instagram is a social network that companies can use to strengthen their brand (branding) and bring it closer to the audience. Some studies have shown that Instagram is more emotional than Facebook. It is important to note that the links that are written in the publications do not remain as a hyperlink, which limits the generation of traffic compared Facebook and Twitter.


How many active monthly users does Twitter have?

Twitter has more than 330 million active users in a month.

On Twitter, each message is restricted to 280 characters and allows the integration of multimedia content, that is, photographs and videos.

Twitter was the creator of hashtags, terms accompanied by a pound sign (#) under which you can follow trends, threads of conversation or events that are being commented by many users, which has led to the trending topics.

The communication tone of Twitter is more rational than Facebook and Twitter and with a predominance of informative information.

What kind of content should I post in each social network?


It is considered the social network of the image, for this reason it is necessary to make the most of the potential of virality that can be achieved if good use is made of the images and the text.

You have the possibility to write as much as you want but, in this case, given the amount of information that is generated every minute, you must be able to capture the user’s attention before scrolling and the publication is lost in the news feed.

Some recommendations:

  1. To track activity, you can make use of the internal analytics offered by Facebook, this will be a great help to make activity reports, identify which content your users like best and thus, not lose engagement.
  2. Never leave a message without an answer, in a two-way relationship, commitment from both parties is expected. A forgotten message may result in a user less than our network.
  3. Do not impose a strict publication schedule: users are very changeable, and in social networks this phenomenon is visible. Do not limit yourself to always publish at the same time, experiment with different publications at different times, the idea is to achieve the greatest possible scope.

In addition, a publication is never enough, you will always have something to tell, it publishes on average 2 times a day, little by little you will see how your statistics increase.

When you have a solid strategy and a defined target audience to whom to direct it, venture into the Facebook ad platform, these will increase the reach of publications and find new business opportunities.


If on Facebook the image is important, Instagram exceeds it by leaps and bounds, and that this social network has become a very good option to grow business. Its power lies in the fact that images with visual potential can be created quickly and easily. In addition, unlike other social networks, the content is not filtered to be shown to the public by means of algorithms, so that your images have a greater possibility of reaching.

Perform permanent monitoring of your activity: when carrying out a strategy in social networks it is important to follow up, to remain attentive to the activity of your users. Instagram is strict in that the publications are made from the application on the mobile phone, and although, it is a bit complex to publish with the help of a web browser, there are tools such as Bluestacks that facilitate this process and others such as Websta they help to visualize publications and comments from the computer.

Customize your Hashtags: Use the possibility it offers to use any word as a tag in your images and boost your content, the important thing when using them is knowing how to group your images in a thematic way. To achieve greater reach and number of followers you can use popular hashtags that fit into your business.

Search for reference profiles: Perform a business search similar to yours and examine aspects such as: the type of content they share, the hashtags they use and the periodicity of the publications, collect all this information and apply it to the design of your new strategy.


If you decided to enter the social network where success is in the concise and clear, you must take into account these aspects to not go unnoticed in the microblogging network of 280 characters:

  1. Da Retweets (RT): This is the most important action, it means that the content is so relevant as to replicate it to the rest of the followers.
  2. Do not think about competition: in social networks observing the activity of those who are in the same line of business is profitable both to identify successful strategies and not to replicate errors
  3. Make a monthly tracking of how many retweets you get: this will give you a broader perspective of the topics that generate more interest in your users, and thus focus your content strategy, for this you can make use of tools such as Twitter Analytics.
  4. Customize your Hashtags: to track what the keywords could be to use as tags and create your custom Hashtags you can perform a search with the basic words that define your business in Tagboard, where you can see instant results of publications made in other networks as (Facebook and Twitter).

Best Hashtags to Get Likes on Twitter

  1. ico
  2. ethereum
  3. crypto
  4. crowdfunding
  5. medicaid
  6. blackhistorymonth
  7. womenshistorymonth
  8. photography
  9. iwd2018
  10. cryptocurrency
  11. happyeaster
  12. womensday
  13. pressforprogress
  14. happybirthday
  15. internationalwomensday
  16. olympics
  17. pets
  18. friends
  19. piday
  20. worldwaterday
  21. funny
  22. contest
  23. starwarsday
  24. giveaway
  25. tuesdaymotivation

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