10 Marketing Tips You Really Should Try Now!

Web Daytona
5 min readJun 11, 2020
10 Marketing Tips You Really Should Try Now!
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Marketing Checklist

  1. Document Your Content Marketing Strategy
  2. Analyze Your Competitors’ Tactics
  3. Analyze User Experience
  4. Find the Best Content Topics with Topic Research
  5. Match Content with Each Stage of the Customer Journey
  6. Collaborate with Your Sales Team
  7. Speak with Customer Support to Identify Client Problems
  8. Browse Forums to Find What Your Customers Are Interested In
  9. Create SEO-Friendly Content with SEO Content Template
  10. Take Advantage of User-Generated Content

As of 2018, 84% of US companies with 100+ employees use content marketing tactics. While this doesn’t come as a surprise, it does emphasize how vital content marketing is for brands in 2020 and beyond. Yet, it’s all too easy to find yourself in a content marketing rut. Content marketers tend to have their own routine, using best practices for content creation, distribution, and analysis. However, if your practices remain stagnant for too long, your brand and content become outdated. Although you may be a well-oiled content machine, it’s imperative to analyze recent content marketing trends and experiment with new techniques and tools. To help you discover new tools and stay ahead of content marketing trends, we’ve prepared a content marketing checklist for 2020. Use these tactics, ideas, and tools to give your content marketing strategy a much-needed boost for this year.

Document Your Content Marketing Strategy

1 Did you know that only 39% of content marketers have a documented content marketing strategy for their organization? Among top-performing organizations, however, this number increases to 65%. It’s been proven that those who write down their goals are more likely to achieve them; the same concept applies to documenting your content marketing strategy. In 2020, find time to write down and review your organization’s content strategy, goals, and efforts. Then, analyze your content marketing progress. Are you on track? Where can you improve?

Analyze Your Competitors’ Tactics